Eco Friendly

Gifted Minds International School, Opaallaan 1190-1196 Hoofddorp 2132 LN, Netherlands

Dr. Maria Montessori once said that “The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth“. Gifted Minds International School makes strenuous effort to cherish the Eco friendly attitude to be an Eco Friendly School where our curriculum and eco friendly environmental practices are interwoven to educate and provide activities which contributes to environmental awareness and instill recycling practices from very young that there is a continuity from school to home and vice versa.

Some practices in our school:

  • *Signs in the school premises that promote conserving energy and saving water usage
  • *Organize events or workshop that students and the community can benefit from
  • *Provide recycled bins around the school vicinity
  • *Being creative in exploring ways to reduce,recycle and re-use materials